Polarized Clip On sunglasses

Protecting your eyes is a must against Solar radiation and those really annoying  reflections. If you use eyeglasses then the complete polarized sunglasses solution has arrived: Polarized Clip On Sunglasses . Made in unbreakable TR90 Material with extremely flexible frames and TAC Polarized Lenses. Either if you are driving or doing any sports our amazing Fit, durability and variety of Lens and Frame colors are second in quality to none.

Clip On Sunglasses

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Not like other sunglasses, clip-on sunglasses are actually not sunglasses at all. But it is a pair of lenses which are specially designed to fit on the top of another pair of glasses or even sunglasses. But with a pair of clip-on sunglasses, your original glasses will be totally different. If you have interest in this kind of sunglasses, please follow me to learn more about it.

There are two separate lenses which are connected by spring mechanism in clip-on sunglasses. The rod and tube design of each lens can make them to enter into each other. The advantage of this design is it can increase or decrease the linear distance between two lenses, and then attach on the top of glasses or sunglasses. From the price aspect, clip-on sunglasses are cheaper than sunglasses as there are no frames. And nowadays, there are a wide range of clip-on sunglasses available with different brands and quality on the market. So it is advised to choose some brands to ensure the good quality.

When we want to purchase a pair of clip-on sunglasses, we should pay attention to the following points: First, we can not just seek the fashionable aspect, but neglect their functions. Nowadays, there are polarized, UV-resistant, or prescriptive clip-on sunglasses available on the market, so people can choose them according to their needs. Second, we must make sure the lenses are light in weight. As we know, clip-on sunglasses are attached to another pair of glasses, if they are heavy, it will add load to our nose and face. There are mainly three types of materials for clip-on glasses: glass, polycarbonate, and CT-39. Clip-on glasses made of glass are scratch-resistant, but heavy to wear. And comparatively, polycarbonate will be a better choice. But CR-39 can provide us with the clearest vision. In addition, you can choose the tints and shapes of clip-on sunglasses according to your existing glasses.

With the fast development of clip-on sunglasses, there are more and more new styles coming into market. You can choose the one with a mechanism to attach to the hat. So in this way, wearers will not suffer the discomforts from side rims while making full use of the lens. And there is also a kind of magnetic clip-on sunglasses, which can be attached to the rim of existing glasses directly. Compared with other clip-on sunglasses, it is easy to put on and rarely slip off. Moreover, you can also find flip-clip sunglasses on the market. Flip-clip glasses have the advantage of being able to flip clip-on sunglasses up or down according to your needs, which are good for sportsman or people in the place where light intensity fluctuates continuously.